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Sexual Services

Paying for sexual services   

Paying for sexual services can provide a valuable space to explore sexual and sensory needs and interests, and to gain sexual experience in a non-judgemental environment. 

The  clear, contractual, consensual nature of paid encounters (also common in BDSM) where sexual needs, desires, and boundaries are explicitly discussed tends to suit autistic communication styles.  They can provide a safe environment that is not fraught with the uncertainty and indirect communication common in casual sexual encounters in our neuronormative society.

Some participants said that paid sexual encounters gave them an opportunity to  gain the sexual experience and confidence they felt they needed to break the cycle of avoidance and anxiety, giving them the confidence to have other kinds of sexual experiences. 


Where to find service providers in the UK  

TLC Trust

You can find sex workers and other sexual service providers though many different avenues. But if you are looking for someone with experience working with neurodiversity, you may want to try TLC Trust. 

TLC is a platform where fully-vetted sexual service providers who have expertise in working with people with disabilities and neurodiversities advertise their services. 

The TLC Trust is a branch of The Outsiders Trust, which is a social, peer support and dating club, run by and for people with invisible and visible disabilities. This branch of the charity focuses on the provision of sexual and intimate services that are paid for by clients to service providers.


Every TLC provider is individually assessed and goes through a detailed application process to ensure their suitability for our platform. 

TLC Answers Frequently Asked questions 

"Is this service legal?" 

"My Care worker/parent/hospice is saying I cannot use these services?" 

"I don’t want to access a full sexual service. What other options are available to me?"

Find the answers to these and many other questions here

TLC Advice for Clients 

Thinking of paying for sex, but not sure what to expect. Find advice for clients, as well as advice for health professionals and parents here 

A list of useful links and resources 

A full list of the resources put  together by TLC is here

Alternative Practices Directories and Associations

The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists

The World Association of Sex Coaches

Shakti Tantra (UK)
Shakti Tantra runs workshops in pleasure and some of its practitioners specialise in seeing disabled clients

Need the right word to talk about what you need? 

Check out this great glossary that lists the words for different sexual pleasures, acts etc.  As well as the different types of sex work, as well as types of sex work and places where sex work takes place. Read it here

Sex and intimacy coaching and sexual partner surrogacy 

The Disability Sex Coach


Sex coaching and sexual surrogacy are legal in the UK for everyone who has the capacity to consent to sexual services. 

Some services provided as per website: 

Somatic Sex Coaching: Hands-on experiential sessions to explore and navigate sexual pleasure and erotic energy.

Conscious Sexuality Education: Developing sexual awareness, boundaries and consent, desire and intention.

Partner Sex Surrogacy: Modelling healthy sexual interactions and emotional intimacy within a therapeutic framework.



More useful resources

Touching base

Touching Base Inc is a charitable organisation, based in Sydney NSW Australia, that has been active since October 2000. Touching Base developed out of the need to assist people with disability and sex workers to connect with each other, focusing on access, discrimination, human rights and legal issues and the attitudinal barriers that these two marginalised communities can face.

Client Frequently asked questions

Though focused on the Australian context, so legal information will not be relevant for the UK context,  the touching base website has some great resources and information for clients to avoid anxiety and support positive encounters. Some questions include   

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